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Dr Fairuz Amran

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Fairuz Amran is a Clinical Microbiologist in the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) since 1997 with diagnostic laboratory responsibilities and research interest in human leptospirosis, mycology and infections in the immunocompromised.  She acquired both her professional degrees [MD and MPath (Clinical Microbiology)) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and trained in leptospirosis work in Amsterdam and the Veterinary Faculty of Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Before embarking on her clinical and research microbiology career, she had substantial background in clinical medicine having served as a medical officer in several hospitals’ clinical and emergency departments. Her exposure as a district Medical & Health Officer has given her a hands-on public health perspective in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. In IMR, she works in close collaboration with clinicians looking after immunocompromised patients and with public health officers in the Public Health Department during sporadic and outbreaks of leptospirosis nationwide.

Her research focus is on leptospirosis for which she has started the first nationwide epidemiological survey and has also established the 1st reference laboratory for diagnosis of human leptospirosis in the country. The total number of specimens received nationwide is over 10,000 annually with more than 3,000 requiring molecular diagnostics. The diagnostics developed in IMR range from in-house rapid ELISA assays and culture methodology to molecular characterisation and rapid DNA diagnostics.

In mycology, she established the first anti-fungal susceptibility testing services in the Ministry of Health and subsequently the applications of antigen and molecular detection and characterisation of invasive fungal infection. The mycology laboratory in IMR now has the breadth and depth of expertise befitting a national reference mycology laboratory. It also served as the research laboratory for industry-sponsored phase II antifungal clinical trial conducted in Ministry of Health hospitals. Several innovative fungal diagnostic kits have also been developed with commercialisation potential. Patent applications are also ongoing in some other research areas.

Besides diagnostic and research, she is also involved in the training and dissemination of laboratory practices and establishment of laboratory standards in leptospirosis and mycology. The emphasis is on the development of a national center of excellence in IMR and the setting up of basic fungal and leptospirosis laboratory services in the regional centres.

Dr Fairuz Amran is also an active member of numerous professional societies, both locally and abroad.


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